Sunday, July 20, 2008

Goodbye to O.H.I.O

The time has finally arrived for us to leave the student status and head for the world of employment. Our family will be heading for Austin Texas next month and even though we never imagined that it would ever happen, we are excited for the new opportunities that await us there. We are however, going to MISS THIS. Ohio has been a welcomed relief from the busy hustle bustle of Los Angeles. We will miss the card clubs, girls night outs, man dates, play dates, and associations with all the young families that live around us. We will miss the summer front yard sits, chatting and watching the kids play. We will certainly miss columbus, ohio. We will miss the green landscape and the beautiful spring, summer and Autumn seasons...notice we didn't say winters...we won't miss those. Most of all, we will miss the many dear friends that we have made here. We hope in someway that this blog will allow us to stay in contact with you all.

We will miss being around the Church history sites. During our Ohio stay, we wer able to see Kirtland, Nauvoo, Palymra, Carthage, Fayette, Hill Cumorah, John Johnson Farm, E.B Grandin's print shop, Sacred Grove, Joseph Smith farm,and the Martin Harris farm,

We will miss being close to some pretty neat places. Here we are at Niagra Falls. We took a little detour on our way to see church history sites and got to see the Falls. We had so much fun.

O.H.I.O. We will miss a lot of things about Ohio, but the cold winters we really wont miss. As you can see from above, we didn't quite get the last "O" because Cooper was oh so cold. We did have fun, however, making a snow fort.