Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brynn gets to open the baseball game with her group

We were so excited for Brynn. She was one of a few young violinist chosen to participate in the playing of the National Anthem for the Round Rock Express baseball team at the Dell Diamond. She is very talented and we are very proud of her for working so hard to get it perfect....Play Ball!

Yosimite Cole

Cole is always wearing some kind of hat. If he doesn't have a hat he invents something...a bag, a book, playdough, you name it he can wear it. His favorites include Cooper's Star Wars mask, His Monsters hard hat, and recently this red felt cowboy hat.


This is our Cole. What you do see...Our two year old five shelves high in the pantry closet with a look of "uh oh, I've been caught." What you don't see is the bag of dove's chocolates.....Amazing what they can do when adequately motivated.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jarom's Mobile Office

Jarom's office on wheels. This is the stuff that Jarom spends most of his time with. The Gas Man, Smells on Wheels, The Sandman. His business logo was going to say "Sedadent Anesthesia Services....Come Sleep with Me!" but he figured he might get the wrong kind of phone calls. It took a lot of work to put his business together, but we are thankful everything was gone well.

Our Home

I realized today that we had never published a picture of our house. We have finally moved in...ha ha ha. We are enjoying our new home and continue to have projects that need completing. We really love it and love the neighborhood. Next standard so I can play ball with the kids. Look at that driveway...perfect for a little basketball game.

Everything is bigger in Texas....even the snowmen

I can't believe it snowed in Texas! Reports were that snow was coming. I dismissed the idea, saying to myself, "This is Texas. They always make a big deal over nothing." On my way to work, big Texas sized snowflakes started to fall and before we knew it we had three to four inches of packable snow. Work was cancelled and we spent the rest of the day making a Texas sized snowman. We had such a good time as a family

Friday, February 26, 2010

We finally got a better shot

After a whole year of not updating our blog, we are announcing double trouble. We went for an ultrasound and found out we are in for TWINS! Kristy has always wanted twins so she got her wish. Trevor and Kim have already warned us that this will be the hardest fun we will ever have! I just know that when the all night feedings come, they will be her twins. We are excited and hope all continues to go well