Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jarom's Mobile Office

Jarom's office on wheels. This is the stuff that Jarom spends most of his time with. The Gas Man, Smells on Wheels, The Sandman. His business logo was going to say "Sedadent Anesthesia Services....Come Sleep with Me!" but he figured he might get the wrong kind of phone calls. It took a lot of work to put his business together, but we are thankful everything was gone well.


Stacie said...

I'm so glad his work is going so well. Especially after all the years of hard work.

Your family pics are adorable!

Kristen said...

Woah! Don't overload with posts...three in the same day! I like your house.

Amy K said...

It was good to run into you at the mall during Christmas. I wanted to tell you congratulations on the soon to be arriving twins. I just read thru your little bio about each child, and after reading Cole's, I guess you got your wish. Crazy! Glad to hear you are settling into Texas. Steve and I lived there for a summer, and really enjoyed the people and our ward. Good luck with the business. If we lived closer, I'd have your husband fix our little Allison's front teeth. Most likely, we'll keep her crooked smile and wait for the tooth fairy.

Take care, and Steve says hello too,

Hayley and Dave said...

I really like you house, it is very cute and very cool snowman! We miss you!

Thad and Aimee said...

Hey! I love your new pictures - your family looks beautiful. I love your new house - congratulations on the move. Of course, congratulations on the twins. That's awesome. I too have always wanted twins! You're so lucky. Andrea (my sister), just found out that she's pregnant with twins too! Congratulations on everything. Luv ya, Aimee

Our Sweet Life said...

Hi Guys,

Congratulations on the twins! We are so happy to hear that everything has worked out well for you in Texas.
Brad has been trying to get in touch with you guys, but we don't have your current number. Please send us your updated info at

Good luck with Everything,

Kim said...

Glad I kept checking your blog! Congrats on the twins. Hope all is going well for Jarom.